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Magnetic field scanning

Finding optimal position with low magnetic field is mandatory to implement system using magnets. 3-dimensional magnetic field scanning is good solution to find the position with low magnetic disturbance. It helps to isolate electric components from magnetic field source in designing mobile phone, camera module, and other applications using magnet.

Magnetic field simulation

The performance of applications using magnets are strongly influenced by magnet size, sensor position and component material. Magnetic field simulation will save cost and development period reducing unexpected trial and error. It helps to find the most appropriate mechanical design, magnet, and sensor solution.

Product Evaluation Kit

Universal Evaluation Kit for Haechitech Products


  • Universal kit to fully evaluate Haechitech products
    · Automated PC application (MS windows platform)
    · Easy control access to all registers and data for optimization
    · Graphical display of measurement output data
  • Versatile evaluation jig to physically emulate target applications
  • Signal post-processing capability for user algorithm

Value Propositions

  • Off-the-shelf evaluation and design by software suits
    and reference boards

Sensor Board

Application Jig

Interface Board

Control Software